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I took part in the traineeship organized by ELSA-Münster e.V. in August 2016 in Münster by König, Strässer & Partner GbR and it was more than a great experience! It gave me a possibility to work in a well organized law office with experienced lawyers, gain such a big experience, study German and spend just an amazing time in beautiful Münster!

From the very beginning I was well supported by ELSA-Münster e.V.. They offered me their help in the first days at the job and a city trip. I was also welcome in an ELSA-Münster e.V. meeting during my stay there. I got the phone number from one person of the ELSA team so I knew if something happend, there is someone who can help me. I felt there safe and welcome.

I was living with the family of a main lawyer of the company König, Strässer & Partner GbR. Mrs. and Mr. König treated me like a family member. I had my own room and I felt there more than comfortable. The part of my stay in Munster which I like the most was interesting conversations with Ms. and Mr. König! We spent a lot of time together cooking, eating, watching TV, going somewhere together to listen a concert or going around Münster and visiting nice places. I’m still so grateful to them having the great time in Münster. We are still in contact and I really hope that they are going to visit me in Kraków this year (they promised!).

My job at König, Strässer & Partner GbR was also very interesting and the whole team was very helpful and nice. I was reading case records, going to the court and discussing cases with the lawyers. I was also making researches about interesting topics and preparing some notes about them. I had a great opportunity to see how lawyers in Germany are working. It was very interesting to compare it with experiences which I had before. I’m sure that I’ve learned there a lot. I improved my German a lot.

Also the place, Münster, was the best city to spend part of my holidays. I fell in love with that city a year before my traineeship started, because I was there to do my Erasmus semester. Before that I even didn’t know where it is on a map but now I’m sure that it was the best choice ever. It’s a city of bikes and nice people with a beautiful lake and many cafés and bars. It’s just a perfect city to live in - studying, working, relaxing, biking, swimming, everything… I had my own bike so I was feeling very freely and the weather was great to cycling each day. It’s not a big city but it has definitely all you need.

I can only recommend to all of you to take part in a traineeship organized by ELSA-Münster e.V., especially in Münster by König, Strässer & Partner GbR!